I have stayed in India where I get sexually harassed even when fully-covered

Stomper Anonymous feels that it is unacceptable to treat girls' dressing as the reason for unwanted attention, and draws on her own personal experience why.

This is her entry for July's What Say You topic, 'Would having a public dress code lead to less sexual offences?'

Treating a Girl's way of dressing the reason for unwanted sexual attention or sexual harassment is highly unacceptable.

In a place like Singapore, where girls can walk safely on the roads at any time of the day, this kind of an approach is unwelcome.

I have also stayed in India where i get sexually harassed on the days even when i cover myself fully in a Salwar.

To be precise, if a man wants to satisfy his pervert feelings, he will satisfy it whether the girl wears mini skirt or a jeans or anything else.

So the Government and the public should try to bring up a solution on how to control the pervert's urges and not to condemn the girl for giving him a chance to look at her.

For example, if someone is killed by a person, do we tell  that the victim was alive and just because of that, he was murdered or the will the killer be punished? The same goes here too.

The major reason for this kind of a behavior from few men towards women is because they always objectify women and they never consider them as equal humans.

Men should understand that women are their fellow companions and treat them with respect rather than just thinking them as a piece of meat.

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