Man will confront culprit is he sees someone being sexually harassed

Stomper Anonymous says that he will film the culprit in the act and approach him if he witnesses someone being sexually harassed.

Here is his entry in full:

“To begin with, modern world girls are more daring and wear what want from low cuts to tubes, tiny shorts to super short skirt which tends to lure more harassment into the scene.

“I have seen a lot of keyboard warriors shooting and posting about other guys harassing other girls on YouTube , Facebook all over the social media and tends to forget a simple voicing out of "hey what you doing".

“In the past when they is no computers or even 3G mobile phones, how people do it ?

“They will confront the guy and even make a police report.

“Nowadays, they tend to shame the person and post it all over the internet. “So, does that mean that everywhere we go we must be on the lookout for this man whether he's standing next to you?

“You can film the whole process and confront the person and let him be deal with by Singapore law enforcement.

“During kampong days villagers will gang up together and catch a thief and not sit along the drain and enjoy the show.

“My answer is very simple I will film it down and approach the guy. “It’s that simple but of course u have to be 100% sure that he is doing the wrong thing.

“Inside a super tight trains things happen, accidental or intentional is another different issue “Keep a lookout and warn others who choose to keep quiet about it to avoid unwanted trouble. Cheers!”

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