"If we tolerate such misbehaviour, we will never put a stop to it" says man

Stomper Saiful says that he would go all out to stand up for the person who is being sexually harrassed by calling the police, and alert the relevant management in the public space. He does not believe in letting the culprit go, as there is a danger of others being victimised.


Here is his entry in full:


"First of all, if I see a flasher on the bus, or witness a pervert inching way too close to a fellow commuter on the MRT, I will surely stand up for them and expose the culprit immediately.


"This is an unpleasant thing to do in public, and furthermore, without the person knowledge, it is wrong to do such things. It is a misbehaviour towards the commuter.


"I will inform the police to arrive at the scene, and make sure the culprit gets caught on the spot. In the meantime, if it is on public transport, or any other public spaces, I would notify the relevant staff and security team so that the culprit does not get away.


"If we tolerate such behaviour, others will be victimised by this unpleasant act, and it will soon get out of control.


"With that, I beseech those who would such misbehaviour to react fast and do something, you will never know if your loved ones are the next target.


"By catching all these offenders, I hope to make Singapore a safer place. Let'a help each other by being alert on public transport, and also being vigilant while travelling late at night.


"I hope Singapore will be crime-free in years to come."


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