Woman says mobile phones can enhance relationships if used correctly

Stomper Serene feels that it is how you choose to use your mobile phone, which may help enhance your relationship instead.

Here is her entry for this month's What Say You topic:

He : " wheres your phone?"

Me : " with you, i tends to forget my phone. "

Mobile devices may not actually be a third party that ruins relationships. It's how individual thinks that makes everything different; it's all about individual mindset.

Personally, I feel that if your love was strong enough, phone is just a tool we use to so called "cover up the silence" when u guys just had nothing to do. BUT, there must be a limit.

You, of course, don't use it whole day; or when your partner is talking about how's his/her day. Due to busy schedules at work, no matter how much u want to accompany your partner when she/he is sad, we could only make phone calls or sweet messages to comfort them.

Also, Mobile phone can help in assuring your love ones has reached home safely after work when you know you can't be there to fetch her/him home. This is reality.

We all ought to admit that in life, we ought to have some time alone, not to overthink, but just some time alone to think about goals, what we want to achieve in life.

Because too much time being together may be bad as we might run out of topics to talk. Hence, mobile device is not harmful, but it helps enhance relationships too.

Mobile devices acts like an album. I usually take a lot of photos with my boyfriend so that when I miss him, I could simply just open my phone, look back on these memories & silly smiling at it.

With the new emojis being updated on WhatsApp, this makes texting become more interesting as we could express our expressions more clearly!

Whenever I'm with my boyfriend, I really forget about my phone because I felt that it was useless. I only use my phone to text my boyfriend, reply some group chats and surf Facebook, InstagramĀ and Twitter.

So when I'm with my boyfriend I have got nothing much to reply to. Unless I recall some interesting videos I saw previously and want to show him to brighten up his day.

In conclusion, it's a matter of choice. We could choose to put our phone on a silent mode, so that we don't get so distracted whenever our phone beeps.

Moreover, if you really love your partner, you should treasure precious time together. If you get so attached to your phone that wherever you go, you will be holding on to your phone, I suggest u date your phone than date your boyfriend!!

Mobile devices don't ruin love, it's all depending on how important your partner is and how u cultivate yourself away from mobile devices.

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