Never replace a real kiss with a text, says man

Stomper Haro recalls the days when nobody owned a mobile phone, and feels that while handphones make things convenient now, it should NEVER replace the real thing.

Here is his entry for this month's What Say You topic:

To me mobile devices somehow ruin love.  I’m in my 30s and I experience from the era we don’t hold a mobile phone till now everyone own it.  Mobile phone do have it’s good point but without using it properly it may somehow turn things bad.  Let me share with you about my experience and you may find it similar to yours.

What is love

Busy is a common dirty words we like to use, mobile phone give us a better connection with our love one even we are so busy.  Sound good right?  But not to me…  When we got into the relationship we met quite often we enjoy each other's presence so much.  Doing simple thing together is a joy too.  Feeling blessed.  As time goes by we start to get busy on our work and we are too tired to meet up.  In the beginning we feel bad about it, as we know we should spend time with each other.  Once you accept: “ it’s okay we can connect through mobile phone, things may start to change… …”

A small decision can IMPACT a lifetime~

We start to use smart phone as our main communication tool.  We will only meet each other for a simple dinner and ok we are tired it’s time to go home.  Soon we don’t really meet up anymore as our life is so pack.  I notice something is wrong but nothing can be done.  Even when I’m sick I receive messages telling me to go and see a doctor and take care.  When I’m sad, I receive messages telling me to cheer up.  Is this what we really want?  I told her when you are sick isn’t it great for me to bring you to the doctor and stay by your side looking after you, isn’t it great when you are sad and I can give you a big warm hug.  Isn’t it good if we can spend time together?  Time’s fly~   Smart phone is still our main communication tool.

Shorter text message~

Our message get shorter and shorter…  It lean to a lot of misunderstanding too.  You may know what I mean.  We just can’t tell what’s the person emotion is, angry, sad etc.  Somehow we assume, ok she is angry and she is on the other side wondering what am I thinking too.

I begin to think~

I took out my phone and start looking though.  In the beginning we took photo and video with it, our important date, planning for outing and all the beautiful memory.  As I continue to look through what we left is text, ya just text.

Cyber relationship is common this days, if your love ones is in the other country it will be a great tool to communicate.  But if your love is just a few bus stop away go and see them. NEVER replace a text: MUACK~ with a REAL KISS!  Mean what your text says. I miss you is no long just a text anymore, I miss you that’s why I want to meet you and see you.

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