She saw another man during our long-distance but I only asked one question, 'Have you had sex with him?'

Stomper Anonymous found out his partner was seeing someone else during their long-distance relationship, and feels that the question of physical intimacy plays a huge part in his 'forgive or breakup' situation.

He shares his real-life experience for this month's What Say You:

"Cheating in a relationship can be usually viewed as seeing another person or having physical touch e.g sex, kiss, holding hands with another person during a relationship where your feelings/emotions are attached to a special person in your life.

"So what if I find out that my partner or spouse is cheating on me?

"I have a partner, not a wife yet, so I’m going to respond as a boyfriend. My partner was seeing someone during our 4 years of long-distance relationship, until one fine day I had to find out the hard way.

"I was extremely mad and disappointed, the fact that the trust and faith I had in my partner was completely shattered. But I only ask one question, which will decide how our relationship will go.

"'Have you had sex with him?' That’s all. She said no, and she apologises for not telling me right in the beginning.

"She told me she will cut all ties with him. In a long distance relationship, people tend to drift away from their partners so I understand how it may felt for her.

"I trusted her because my heart believes that she is sincere in her apology and wants to make things right in our relationship.

"But if the answer was, 'Yes I had sex with him', then the clear response is to break up regardless of how much she cried and apologises for her mistakes.

"If a person can cheat on you like that, he/she will do it again when the opportunities arises. 4 years of relationship which is built with so much love, trust, and faith and you can just leave yourself vulnerable to another man just because you need him at that point of time?

"It’s selfish and clearly, your partner doesn’t have any conscience or guilt within him/her. I will never forgive my partner if she cheated on me that way."

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