'Once a cheater, always a cheater', says woman whose BF of 2 years cheated on her

It felt like a fairytale with Prince Charming who was romantic in every possible way, and extremely accommodating even in inconvenience.

However,  2 years into the relationship, the person that Stomper Z once counted as a blessing turned out to be nothing like that.

She shares her real life experience for this month's What Say You:

"Back in 2007, I met a guy, JD who seemed really awesome and romantic. We clicked immediately and started going on dates a little too soon.

"He seemed like a great guy. A hopeless romantic, and someone whom I thought was my Mr Right."

"We celebrated our first Valentine's Day and I was simply in awe at how lucky I was. I came from a strict family and had curfews as early as 8pm. "

"He was so amazing that he put up with it and understood my situation."

"2 years into the relationship and we, as per every relationship, had our ups and downs."

"Most of the time, it was about money as he was in debt. He was unable to keep the jobs that he had, and I helped him settle each and every one of them, landing myself in debts as well."

"He started to spend very little time with me. He was very keen in airbrush art and usually spends his time airbrushing. "

"But things were not the same anymore. We stopped meeting. Stopped texting. Stopped talking. The only time he would text me sweet nothings is when he needed money."

"I must have been blind and stupid then."

"So on a rare day, we met for dinner and he received a call."

"He tried to hide while talking and when I probed, he simply said that it was his mother. It was really strange that he would not want to talk to his mother in front of me."

"Coincidentally, he had to go to the bathroom and left his phone on the table. Being curious, I checked his phone and found that it was definitely not his mother."

"I went through the text and read that he had another girlfriend.Someone he is sleeping with. Which means the money I spent on him was actually him spending it on another girl."

"I confronted him and he tried to deny it. After placing all the evidence and texts in front of him, he finally admitted it."

"His excuse for cheating? I was too busy for him and he refuse to be bedded by him."

"He asked for forgiveness. At that point of time, I was really desperate to keep him and I actually forgave him."

"It did not end there as he  kept in touch with the other woman. One of them even had the audacity to call and tell me off for being with him."

"As usual, he denied and explained that she was a psychopath."

"I finally decided to give up the relationship after finding that he will definitely will not stop cheating."

"So, the answer to "Would You Forgive Someone If They Cheated On You? - The answer is No, Never in a million years. Once a cheater, always a cheater."

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