My first BF made another girl pregnant, and ending it with him was the best decision

Stomper NĀ was heartbroken when her then boyfriend in her first serious relationship cheated on her and made another girl pregnant. However, her decision to let go led to her happy ending.

She wrote for this month's What Say You topic:

"It was my first serious relationship with my back then ex-boyfriend. We first met because he was my classmate during ITE.

"After we graduated, we went out for a date and then soon after, we become partners. I always will dress up whenever I am meeting him.

"I will take hour to dress up. I will wear high heels. I will try my very best to look good for/to him. I was naive and young back then.

"I still remember vividly the first such incident that happened to me.

"We went for a date at Marina Barrage, he brought me there as it was just opened.

"That same night, this particular lady read my blog and commented on my chat box to read her post. That is when I realised it was my ex-boyfriend bringing her out to Marina Barrage too.

"My ex has a very baby-like innocent face and I never thought that he would be cheating on me behind my back. The next day, I confronted him and he told me it was all nonsense. And so, I believed him.

"Months passed by and I realised he had been cheating on me. One of my ex-classmates texted me to tell me that he saw my ex with a lady behind him on his bike at Lorong Geylang.

"I was devastated but I loved him. He was my first boyfriend. I kept forgiving him.

"He even had sex with this girl and mad the girl pregnant.

"I was wondering if don't love me, why would he bring me home to meet his parents?

"One day he told me he wanted to go Brunei for NS (more pay). I agreed. I thought he will change. But he did not. His bill was accumulated to $4000 because he contacted all these girls in Singapore.

"I asked for his Facebook password and he refused... That was when I started to think about my future.

"What if I marry this kind of man? He will be cheating on me. What if I have a kid with him? He would still be cheating on me.. And I didn't want to take this risk.

"Finally, I ended it. And I glad I did. Believe me, I did not cry nor regret any inch of my decision because 'a leopard never changes its spots' I believe.

"Now, after 8 years, he is still the same.

"As for me, I am happily married to a man who appreciates and loves me for who I am."

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