'I went through hell: I caught my husband cheating with women in my own house'

Stomper M's husband deserted his family after cheating several times, causing her to go through hell.

She feels that a cheater will always be a cheater as no matter how much she tried, her unfaithful husband never changed.

M shares her real life experience for this month's What Say You:

"I found pictures of him with another woman on Instagram after he deserted my children and I.

"I met my husband at the beginning of 2011 and in 2012, he was send to detention barrack and it was his 12th time in there.

"Between 2011 and 2012, my son and I went through hell. I saw him with women in my own home and caught him having several other affairs behind my back.

"In early 2014, he was released from detention barracks and by then, I already had his child. I married him shortly after his release.

"My life was hell again. This time, he went out with others' wives and told them lies about our relationship.

"I even caught him with my neighbour's wife and I heard all kinds of stories from various women.

"He was also a violent man and a sweet talker guy with an innocent face. His violent behaviour even gave my son stitches.

"A cheater will always be a cheater. Remember that no matter how hard we try, the other party has to change too."

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