'I thought this was the most blissful life anyone could wish for -- but I was so wrong'

It took every bit of Stomper C to come to terms with the fact that her husband of 17 years cheated on her, and their perfect family repeatedly, despite claiming to have broken up with his mistress.

Here is C's submission for What Say You:

"I am married to my husband for almost 17 years. We have three beautiful kids and I thought this would be the most blissful life and family anyone would have wish for. But I was so wrong."

"It has been almost a year since I discovered his affair. The moment I discovered the infidelity, my whole world came crashing down. I could not believe that such misfortune would happen to me."

"He later informed the whole family that he has broken up with the PRC woman, and I tried to forgive him for the sake of our three kids."

"However, when I hired a PI the following month, I caught them checking in a hotel in Sentosa. Subsequent findings also showed them spending time together till the woman returned to China for Chinese New Year."

"Despite being aware that I knew about the ongoing affair, my husband carried on calling the woman every night and even got a second handphone just for this purpose.He also refused to share the same room with me."

"I knew this cannot carry on as it is causing me mental distress, I could not take care of my 3 kids as well as concentrate with my career.  After six months of procrastination, I finally serve him the papers."

"He eventually shifted out of the house in June this year, after the woman is back on a work permit once again. I have since become the sole breadwinner of the household, as he was jobless for a huge part of the year.

"We have stayed separately for more then six months now."

"I do have my overwhelming moments juggling my full time job, my kids as well as the divorce proceedings but I find my life more fulfilling and happier now."

"During this trying period, I gained supportive friends and working colleagues. Most importantly, my helper has also been supporting me mentally and physically all this while."

"With the strength drawn from my kids, I finally stood up on my feet. I also went into meditation, which really helped with regards to my well-being."

"Though loneliness creeps in at times when night falls, I know time will heal all wounds. I know I will lead a happier life without the mental burdens from this broken marriage."

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