I discovered his infidelity after chancing upon his computer -- but he was unremorseful

Stomp M was crushed when she found out her husband was cheating. She tried to forgive him for their children, yet he did not repent.

Here is her devastating entry for this month's What Say You topic:

"I stumbled upon my husband infidelity by chancing upon his computer. My whole world collapsed. I felt miserable and depressed as I could not believe Dennis’s betrayal.

"I was angry and my initial thought was to divorce him but subsequently forgave him as my 3 children were very young then.

"I tried very hard to make our marriage work, but discovered Dennis was still cheating on me.

"I was devastated! We drifted apart from then on.

"I was angry and lonely. I was frustrated and felt hopeless. I blamed God for everything that happened, making my life so miserable.

"Why did God allow me to marry Dennis? Why did God, not stop Dennis from committing adultery? Why didn’t God, guide him and stop him from overspending? Didn’t I pray hard enough for a good marriage?  I tormented myself thinking of all the 'whys', and 'what ifs'.

"I have finally initiated the divorce after his unremorseful attitude towards his behaviour.  

"I am currently trying to sell our matrimony flat and once that is done, I will be able to move on with a brand new start."

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