He treated me like a princess -- yet he hired a prostitute during office lunch break

Stomper A could not believe her sweet boyfriend, who treated her like a princess, cheated on her with multiple girls -- including a prostitute.

Here is her submission for this month's What Say You Topic:

"I lived together with my boyfriend, one day I found out on his Facebook he's cheating on me with few girls from his Facebook.

"And he also booked private prostitute during office lunch break.

"I cannot believe if he will do such things behind me since what I knew he is a very nice person and always treated me like a princess.

"I tried to ask him why he did that to me, he said he was stressed at work and needed to have something different for fun.

"His answer was breaking my heart but I appreciated his honesty.

"With the broken pieces of my heart I decided to forgive him and gave him one more chance to improve himself although i felt like I was giving a second bullet to him.

"Since then he gave me a freedom to check his private life and I can see he really changed and became more responsible person."

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