Ask yourself if the relationship, and your partner is worth another shot

When cheating occurs, Stomper Jason thinks that before decisions are made, it is important to re-evaluate one's life goals as well as whether the other party is well worth giving the relationship another shot.

Here is Jason's submission for What Say You:

"I think it is good to first take a break and rethink your goals in life." 

"Then, move on to your partner. Is he or she worth another chance? Have they cheated on others in the past?"

"Why did they do it? And what do you think they will do if they are in the same predicament in the future?"

"How was your relationship when it happened?"

"Did they regret what they did?"

"Until I am ready to answer questions that will arise if we continue our relationship, I will not meet up with my partner."

"After careful evaluation, if at the decision where I would continue to be with her, I will start afresh, expecting some changes and differences."

"However, if I am unable to accept continuing with the relationship, I would cut all ties and leave for a new beginning."

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