You don't need to have sexualised activities in camps to have fun

Stomper Eunice shared with Stomp how she enjoyed her university orientation camp which did not have any sexualised games

This is her entry for August's What Say You topic, Sexualised orientation games: What are your thoughts on this?

As a university student, initially I did not want to join my university orientation camp because I heard many similar in universities that the games will be very sexualised and touchy. 

I do not agree that we have to be sexual to bond. In my camp, thankfully, we did not have sexualised games and we still bonded very well. I feel that such games will place everyone into very uncomfortable situations which is not necessary. 

Others may feel that playing such games is okay since we are older or of age but some of my friends and I believe that we don't have to be more open to like such games even though we grow older. 

And this is not what we should promote too. I feel that there should be a need to remove all these sexualised games and allow camps to be a healthy platform for people to bond and make friends with others. 

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