I was 14 and admitted to stealing a phone for my 'friend' -- who did not even thank me

Stomper Ivan shared his story of how he took the rap for a friend when he was a teenager and learnt the most valuable lesson of his life.

This is his entry for this month's What Say You topic, Would you take the fall for a loved one for a wrong you did not do?

"When I was 14, I was pretty much given the freedom to do what I want.

"My family is comfortable although not well off, I often went to LAN gaming centres and mixed with the wrong crowd.

"The incident where I took a rap for my friend is for snatch theft whereby I was charged and brought to task.

"My friend told me to sell a handphone for him as he lost his ez-link, at that point of time I was in Secondary One and I didn't think about it that much.

"6 months down the road, police came up to my flat as they found the IMEI number of the phone I sell belonged to a stolen phone.

"I was handcuffed and brought back into the station where they interrogated me. Initially I insisted that it was not a stolen phone.

"They police showed me footage of me selling the phone, and that the fact that the IMEI belonged to a stolen phone. As I was young and foolish, I took the rap for my friend and admitted that it was me who snatched the phone.

"I was sentenced to 24 months in a boys hostel, those were the worst days of my life.

"My 'friend' did not even thank me, after which just changed his contact number and did not contact me. This has been one of the most valuable lessons of my life."

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