What is he doing? Camry driver inexplicably swerves into motorcyclist on AYE

Stomper Is starz said his friend was knocked down by an errant Camry driver on AYE at about 11.30am yesterday (June 15).

The Stomper sent in a video clip showing the Camry driver recklessly braking and swerving towards the biker.

The driver repeats these actions again, and knocks down the biker and pillion rider.

As they are left lying on the road, the driver then speeds off without stopping.

Is starz said a lorry driver who stopped to help his friend also provided him with the video of the incident.

Though it is not clear in the video, the Stomper said the car's licence plate number was SKA1713J.

A search on this number plate reveals multiple videos of the driver of a Camry performing various dangerous acts on the road.

At least three YouTube users have posted videos of the driver making reckless lane changes and playing the braking game.

These videos have been put up between 2014 to 2016, suggesting that the driver has been behaving in this manner for quite some time.

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