Tearjerking last-minute entry sent in by Stomp's V-Day contest winner at 11.59pm proves that love is timeless

There is no better feeling in the world than being in love and these five couples are a testament to that.

On this day for lovers, Stomp is proud to announce the five winners of this year's Valentine's Day Contest.

In this month-long Valentine's Day Love Story contest, Stomp received entries of trust, dedication, sacrifice and admiration.

From long-distance relationships to fate bringing couples together online, all these stories pulled at our heartstrings.

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Here are the judges' choice of winners for Valentine's Day 2016:

1st Prize: He saved me after I lost both my parents and our son who was supposed to get a liver transplant from him

Kumar was the sunshine of Anuradha's life, after she went through dark days from the loss of both her parents and later fell into depression upon her second child's death.

Although the couple's son passed away before Kumar could donate his liver to him, it made Anuradha realise how brave, patient and sacrificial her husband had been.

Anuradha sent Stomp her submission at 11.59pm on Feb 13, just right before the contest closed, proving that true love is timeless and all about the journey.

The couple have won:

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  • $100 voucher from Gift Flowers Singapore

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2nd Prize: I left my job to take care of my husband when he almost died and lost his hearing after eating raw fish

Cathryn could never have expected her life to change so drastically after her husband consumed a raw fish dish, but her love and dedication for him pulled them through.

Her husband lost his hearing and almost came to the brink of death after being infected with the Group B Streptococcus (GBS) bacteria last year.

Cathryn had to leave her job to look after him but despite the hardships, she believes that this crisis has strengthened her marriage.

She said, "A wedding is for a day yet a marriage is for a lifetime!"

For their touching love story, they win:

  • $400 worth of Takashimaya vouchers from Stomp + a Stomp goodie bag

  • One pair of FlowRider vouchers worth $70 from Wave House Sentosa

  • A trampoline jump session for 2 (inclusive of jump socks and Katapult dri-fit shirt) worth $84 from Katapult Trampoline Park

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3rd Prize: High school sweethearts' interracial relationship has been going strong for 10 years

Lance and his girlfriend Niko have known each other since primary school and have gone through every phase of their lives together, from secondary school to college and even having their first jobs in the same company.

The interracial couple have survived the ups and downs of their relationship, and after 10 years together, are planning to get married next year.

For their sweet love story, they win:

  • $300 worth of Takashimaya vouchers from Stomp + a Stomp goodie bag

  • One pair of FlowRider vouchers worth $70 from Wave House Sentosa

  • Drift Karting experience for 2 worth $40 at Maximum Drift

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4th Prize: Despite mum's disapproval of our 14-year age difference, we've been happily married for 10 years

When Felicia's mother found out she was dating a man 14 years older than her, she was met with doubt and disapproval.

However, 10 blissful years and three children later, Felicia has proven she made the right choice marrying her husband.

For their special love story, they win $200 worth of Takashimaya vouchers from Stomp + a Stomp goodie bag​

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5th Prize:  I met the girl of my dreams at NDP rehearsals

Eddie will never regret plucking up the courage to ask his now wife out after noticing her at a National Day Parade (NDP) rehearsal in 2007.

He had no experience with love before but they are celebrating their 8th anniversary together today on Valentine's Day.

For their unique love story, they win $100 worth of Takashimaya vouchers from Stomp + a Stomp goodie bag.

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If you missed the chance to share your love story, don't worry, Stomp's Love Story Contest will be back next year.

Happy Valentine's Day, Stompers! ❤️

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