Toa Payoh resident's new neighbours clutter corridor with 10 birdcages and other items

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A Stomper is frustrated with his new neighbours who just moved in, along with their ten caged birds, to Block 195 Kim Keat Avenue in Toa Payoh.

The Stomper said that it has only been about a week since the family of four has moved in but he feels like the peace and quiet of his neighbourhood has been disrupted.

"This is a very quiet neighbourhood but since they have moved in, their birds make noise from morning to night," he said.

"One or three birdcages, I can still accept but there are ten birdcages with birds in them!"

In addition to the birds, the Stomper said that his neighbours have also cluttered the common corridor.

"When they moved in, they didn't bring all their household things into the flat," he said.

"They left some of them outside and they are still there now.

"It seems like all their household items are outside the flat and the only thing in there is a bed.

"There are three birdcages hanging beside the door which makes it difficult for people to walk past as it's blocked on one side.

"On Tuesday (Nov 6), they placed a wooden cabinet near my home.

"The next day, I saw bikes placed near the cabinet too."

The Stomper said he saw the man making more birdcages recently, further blocking the area with chairs and birdcages.

"We are happy to see new neighbours moving in but please be considerate and don't block the corridor with your own things."

Stomp has reached out to the relevant authorities.