The night 'Bruce Wayne' paid Bishan family a visit

Submitted by Stomper Darknight

Stomper Darknight's family was stumped when an unexpected guest showed up at their Bishan flat at around 10.30pm on July 10.

A video the Stomper recorded shows the visitor, a small bat, crawling on a sofa in the HDB unit before flying around the house.

The Stomper elaborated on the unusual occurrence:

"I am not sure how the bat got into my house. Being a huge Dark Knight fan, it immediately reminded me of Bruce Wayne.

"My family freaked out after seeing the mammal. Looking back, it was quite funny how three grown adults were panicking over a creature no bigger than an iPhone. 

"After flying around, the bat landed on my sports shoe. I took the shoe out and placed it on the window ledge with hopes that it will fly away on its own. My family was standing by with plastic bags to catch it in case it came into the house.

Thankfully, however, the bat flew away.

"In a way, the bat gave us some quality time together as a family. We really had to work as a unit to get it out of the house. I have never seen my family this united for as long as I can remember.

"I guess you can say that the bat was the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now."