Nice chatting with you, but who's that behind you?

Sometimes, live video chats don't go the way we want them to.

From unexpected interruptions from the living, to something far more sinister, the camera ends up recording everything that was planned or otherwise.

A girl in Malaysia learnt this lesson the hard way while doing a live video chat with her friend.

The friend noticed a creepy black figure squatting in the corner of the girl's room.

A screenshot of the creepy sighting was shared on the Wujud (Paranormal Team) Facebook page.

In it, the girl can be seen having typed the text message that said: "Here I am holding on to the Quran and Casper (her friend) wanted to throw something that thing."

The page administrators added the caption: "Next time you want to do a live video, include me. Then that thing won't be there."