Human remains and dead animals: What else did paranormal investigators find at Mount Vernon Crematorium?

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Would you dare to roam the grounds of the abandoned Mount Vernon Crematorium late at night?

Well that's what paranormal investigator Noel Boyd of Ghost Files Singapore did with guest investigator and YouTuber Evalee Lin and cameraman Desmond Sum ventured to do in the latest episode of Ghost Watch.

As the team investigated the grounds that will soon be cleared to make way for the upcoming Bidadari housing estate, they came across several anomalies.

While they were inspecting one part of the crematorium, the cameraman felt something touch him not once but twice.

They also came across the strange sight of a dead pigeon at the pagoda -- with its head missing.

That was not the only dead animal they found, they also found a dead rat near where the furnace was.

Things got really creepy when Noel found human bone fragments left in the furnace.

Thereafter, they heard footsteps and also a person whistling before they decided to call it a day and leave the compound.

After reviewing their footage, they spotted several orbs and heard voices.

Do you dare to watch the video below?