Frightening footage showing possessed maid in HDB flat will give you nightmares for days

Surveillance footage of a woman believed to be possessed has been circulating on Facebook.

The woman is believed to be the maid of a family that lives in a an HDB flat.

The maid is seen hunched over and pointing towards the corner of the flat with her long dark hair covering her face.

She then cranes her neck to stare at the CCTV camera and the look in her eyes would creep even the bravest of us.

She then turns and moves slowly towards the home's dining area where she starts to slowly point again.

The video goes blank for a second before the maid is seen sitting on the floor.

It then goes blank again before she's seen lying.

It is unclear if any of this was edited or where this happened but the video, which was posted on All Singapore Stuff's Facebook page, credits Nurul and says it happened on Mar 23:

"My maid got possessed by [a] ghost in my HDB flat after she came out of the shower... Lucky mum and kids were not at home."

Watch the video below.