Family takes photo in van -- only to spot creepy extra head

Group photos capture the beautiful moments shared by families on a fun outing together.

But sometimes, the cameras end up immortalising horror instead of joy.

Just like this family, who only wanted a nice shot of their trip.

What they got was a spooky reminder that they might not be only ones in that vicinity.

A photo they shared with Pencari Entiti Crew shows some adults and kids in a van.

However, there is a creepy, long-haired figure behind them.

Said the caption for the photo:

"Sorry, have to cover the faces of my family.

"This photo was taken when we were on our ay to send my sister home to Kampung Tengah Dalam in Kluang, Johor.

"The area around my sister's home has a lot of supernatural beings.

"The area is surrounded by palm oil trees.

"Look at the photo.

"Actually, the girl wearing blue is the only person sitting in the back.

"So who's head is that behind her?"