Another 'ghost ladder' caught on video: This one is even weirder

Submitted by Stomper Dean

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Days after a viral video of a 'self-walking ladder' got netizens riled up, another bizarre clip showing something similarly spooky has surfaced online.

In an earlier report, the belief that a ladder at Changi Airport's Terminal 4 construction site had been possessed was debunked.

It was revealed that the original video had in fact been uploaded as 11 months ago, with some netizens claiming that it was filmed in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Others provided a more scientific explanation for the phenomenon and called it 'passive dynamic walking'.

But could that also apply to this video that Stomper Dean shared with us, in which the ground appears to be flat instead of inclined?

It is unclear when and where this incident occurred.

The 2:49 minute clip starts off with a man on a ladder before he climbs back down to continue some work.

Whenever his back is turned, however, the ladder appears to move on its own, sometimes creating quite a ruckus.

This gets the attention of the worker, who turns back around in shock and moves the ladder back into place -- only for the same thing to happen again.

Things get even stranger when he seemingly starts to perform some sort of ritual, which involves him 'dancing' around and gesturing wildly with wooden sticks in his hand.

He also brandishes a big cross -- only for the ladder to continue 'walking', before falling over loudly and prompting him to flee in fear.

Watch the video and share any explanations you might have in the comments below.