Two arrested after Stomp report on man walking on ledge of block at Braddell Road

Two men have been arrested following a Stomp report on a man who was spotted walking on the ledge of a HDB block at Braddell Road.

The report was submitted on Jan 13 by Stomper Din, who was taking photos of a crane at a Braddell Road Lorong 8 construction site he was working at.

However, as he was taking the photos, he spotted a man walking on the fourth-storey ledge of Block 219, so he immediately recorded a video of that.

The video shows the man walking on the fourth-storey ledge, heading from a flat to the lift landing. He can be seen passing an object through the rails at the lift landing.

In response to the Stomp report, a police spokesperson said that the man seen in the video was arrested.

"‘Two men aged 36 and 42 have been arrested for theft on 13 January 2017," said a police spokesperson. 

"Police investigations are ongoing."