All it took was 1 hour after Stomp report for owner to find lost house and car keys again

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The Toyota key pouch that Stomper Labihah found at Block 105 Towner Road was successfully returned to its owner yesterday (Apr 21).

In a Stomp report yesterday, Labihah said that she had found the pouch, comprising of three house keys and one Toyota car key, on Thursday morning.

Within an hour of the article being published, Audrey contacted Stomp and said that the key pouch belonged to her father.

She said, "On Apr 20, my father was riding his bicycle around the vicinity of Block 105 Towner Road at around 9am to 10am.

"After his ride, he discovered that his bunch of keys comprising of a Toyota car key and three of our house keys were missing.

"He suspected that he dropped it during his ride around the vicinity.

"The Kallang CC staff (Miss Karin) saw the Stomp article and called my father to verify whether is it the missing keys."

Stomp linked both parties up so that they could arrange to meet on their own.

Two hours later, Audrey informed Stomp that she had gotten the keys back and added, "Thank you, Stomp!"

Always happy to help! :)

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