Snake miraculously lives despite being swallowed whole and spat back out by another snake

Watching snakes eat is both fascinating and disgusting at the same time.

They can swallow whole prey that are as large as them.

But watching them regurgitate their entire meal is another well-documented aspect of nature that is equal parts horrifying and interesting.

However, a video filmed by a guy named Christopher Reynolds takes the cake in both these aspects.

Simply because he filmed a video of snake regurgitating another snake after swallowing it whole.

According to Christopher, who posted the video on his YouTube channel, said that the snake had spat its meal back out because it had been startled.

He shot the video after spotting it by the side of the road, but realised there was another snake's tail sticking out of its mouth.

The most remarkable bit about this entire incident is that the swallowed snake was alive despite what it had been through.

Snakes are known to regurgitate their meals when distressed, or if the prey is too big.