Yuck! Woman finds big, fat cockroach inside her big, fat dumpling from Hougang Mall

Submitted by Stomper Carmen

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Stomper Carmen and her mother were disgusted to find a cockroach inside a rice dumpling that they had purchased from a stall in Hougang Mall.

Carmen told Stomp in a phone interview that they had bought five dumplings one to two weeks ago, and kept them in the freezer.

Her mother took the last one out from the fridge to consume yesterday (Apr 6) at around 1.30pm, when they made the disturbing discovery.

Carmen said:

"Found big, fat cockroach inside the dumpling. It was stuck to a mushroom."

She has yet to report the incident to authorities or informed the stall, but says she still has the dumpling should the National Environment Agency (NEA) want to investigate.