Yishun tuition centre takes the phrase 'grammar Nazi' a little too literally

Submitted by Stomper F

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Ever heard of the phrase taking things too literally? This tuition centre's staff might be the prime example of it.

Stomper F saw a poster in Jurong West for a tuition centre that had a Nazi theme to its design.

Complete with red backdrop and a caricature of Adolf Hitler, the poster emphasises how the tutors pride themselves on being 'grammar Nazi'.

The phrase is used to describe individuals who are very strict about grammar and will point out any and every mistake they see or hear.

"I understand that the tutors are being creative with the phrase 'grammar Nazi'," said F. 

"However, I think the design of the poster, though no swastika, but has a style that people can immediately identify as 'Nazi-ish'.

"This could be offensive to the Jewish people staying here or tourists in Singapore. Just my opinion," added F.

The poster states that the tuition centre is located in Yishun Street 72, 737.

Classes are also available at Lakeside, Katong and Kovan.