Yet another monkey attack at Segar Rd, this time more vicious: Block 471 resident left with huge gash and bruise

Stomper Ruth's sister who is staying on the 7th storey of Block 471 in Segar Road was attacked by a monkey this morning (Apr 17). This is the third monkey-related incident at Segar Road in Bukit Panjang in less than a month.

With regard to the latest occurrence, Stomper Ruth told Stomp in an email and telephone interview that her sister was first attacked by a monkey at 4am when she was sleeping. 

Said the Stomper:

"A monkey entered my sister's room through an open window and bit her on her thigh. 

"My sister woke up in shock and saw a dark shadow at the window. Initially she thought it was a cat.

"The monkey left after that and my sister quickly closed all the windows except for the one at kitchen."

At 7am, a monkey climbed into the flat through the open kitchen window. Ruth's sister thinks it was the same adult monkey who had entered the flat earlier.

She was still sleeping then, and was bitten by the primate on her arm and thigh.

The Stomper's sister sustained a deep cut on her arm and a huge bruise on her thigh during the attack.

The monkey refused to leave. Ruth's sister ran out of the house and got someone to call the police.

She was escorted back to the flat after the police arrived, and discovered that the monkey had left. She then went to Ng Teng Fong Hospital where she got her wounds treated.

Ruth's sister wrote notes about what happened and pasted them beside the lift at her void deck to warn other residents about the monkey.

On Apr 11, Stomper Emmanuel reported that a monkey had been wreaking havoc at his home's balcony on the second storey of Block 467 in Segar Road for three months. 

Photos and a video he sent show a monkey in his flat with broken flower pots and a fallen bicycle around it.

On Mar 23, Stomper Dave saw a monkey at a playground near Block 471, where Ruth's sister is staying at.

In a video that he filmed, the animal can be seen walking across a grass patch before chasing after a woman, causing the latter to flee hurriedly.

See what happened in the videos below. The first video was sent by Stomper Emmanuel and the second video by Stomper Dave.