'World's best driver' repeatedly scrapes van, even with ample space to reverse out of lot

Submitted by Stomper Govin

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There are times when all drivers find themselves having trouble getting into a parking lot but usually it is because there are other vehicles or objects obstructing their way.

In the case of this driver, there were several spots to choose from and plenty of space to maneuver but he just could not seem to get unstuck after attempting to park next to a blue van.

Stomper Govin was at his friend's flat when he saw the car trying to park from an upper floor.

The car repeatedly scraped against the van, going backwards and forwards but could not seem to free himself.

He even dragged the van while moving his car.

We have watched this video a couple of times and still do not know what exactly is the driver's problem here.

Watch the video for yourself below.