Woodlands resident captures moon slowly 'disappearing' at night

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Stomper Kannan spotted the moon in its waxing crescent phase on Apr 28 and proceeded to take some beautiful images of the phenomenon.

He also observed how the moon gradually 'disappeared' behind some high-rise buildings at Marsiling Road.

Kannan wrote:

"The moon is now in its waxing crescent phase and is visible in the west skies after sunset.

"Captured the waxing moon from Woodlands on 28 April 2017 as it was setting in the west an hour after sunset.

"The moon disappeared slowly into the HDB 'Marsiling Heights' block of flats located at Marsiling Road.

"The waxing crescent moon is also known as the new or young moon and could be seen in the night  towards the west.

"The moon is waxing to the next quarter moon which will be on May 3. 2017."