Wong Li-lin disciplines son, 11, by making him sign contract

Feb 23, 2017

Parents who have run out of ways to discipline their kids might want to resort to more interesting techniques - like signing formal contracts.

That's exactly what former actress Wong Li-lin did for her only son, Jonas, on the eve of his 11th birthday.

Well, perhaps it's not too formal since her little one ended up scribbling on the printed contract Wong, 44, posted on her Instagram page.

In a nutshell, her son agreed to "have a better attitude" by signing the contract. If breached, he will have to give up rights to use his electronic gadgets "for one whole year".

Wong's way of reminding him about the contract agreement is by uttering the rather millennial term: "Yo bro".

She also has a 12-year-old daughter, Sage, with ex-husband TV host Allan Wu whom she divorced in 2013.

On her Instagram post, the deputy director at Thomson Medical admitted it has become more challenging for her to post about her kids online.

She said: "They protest about violation of their privacy and their friends are following me."

That didn't stop her from posting the picture of her parental contract though, which has since garnered over 500 likes on Instagram.

Wong is not the first to turn to contract agreements.

Author and "Tiger Mum" Amy Chua famously made her daughters sign a tenancy contract before they were allowed to stay in their parents' Manhattan apartment, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Chua added that what she had prepared for her kids was a "legally-enforceable contract".

So parents, if you think your kids are out of control - maybe it's time to get them to sign on a dotted line.