Woman horrified to find car 'messed up' at ECP carpark on her birthday

Submitted by Stomper Monica

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Stomper Monica was the victim of a hit-and-run accident on her birthday of all days.

She had come back from dinner when she saw that her car was badly scratched and dented on Mar 22 at a carpark at East Coast Park, near the East Coast Seafood Centre.

The incident happened some time between 8.30 to 11pm.

Said Monica:

"The horror when I came back from dinner to see the car all messed up! 

"It's the worst kind of dent and scratch I've ever seen! 

"Anyone happen to see the incident or captured it on your dash cam, please inform me.  

"I suspect the driver was drunk because of the long dent and many scratches. 

"It shows that when the person hit my car, he or she didn't stop and continued to reverse! 

"Please help me to bring this to light and fight for justice! 

"Thank you! 

"Who knows someone might have seen or recorded something even though I know the chances are slim."