Woman backstabs BFF who's standing in her way of success -- to tragic end

Tanya and Shermain are best friends, both with a childhood dream of becoming successful singers when they grow up.

But at age 25, they are still nowhere close to their goal.

One day, Tanya chances upon an application which allows her to talk to her future self.

Using that to her advantage, she and Shermain participate in a singing competition as a duo.

Tanya also eliminates rivals who get in her way, but becomes increasingly consumed by ambition.

Eventually, the only thing standing between her and success is none other than Shermaine.

This heartbreaking short film by local director& Ang Zheng Xiang shows the tragic events that occur after a power-hungry Tanya choose to backstab her bestie.

Titled 'To: Another Me', the drama stars local celebrities such as Tay Kewei, Silver Ang and Bobby Tonelli.

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