What's this strange white substance found in prawns bought from Toa Payoh market?

Submitted by Stomper Mabel

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Imagine finding an unknown substance oozing out from your seafood feast.

Stomper Mabel was cleaning the prawns when she noticed a white, jelly-like substance oozing from the prawns.

According to Mabel, she purchased 1kg of prawns from a stall in Toa Payoh Lorong 5 over a week ago, and over half of them were filled with the weird substance. 

Said Mabel:

“The substance felt like jelly and was quite tough.

“Even after extracting it out from the prawns, I was unable to pull it apart.

“I recalled seeing a post about some people injecting ‘jelly-like’ substances into prawns to increase their net weight.

“I’m quite worried and this is the first time I’ve seen prawns with such weird substances in my 15years shopping at the market.

“I have already sent the photos to Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).”

Mabel said that AVA staff had gone down to her house to collect the prawn samples, as of this morning (May 15).