Well-known 41-year-old PropNex agent's sudden death after cycling shocks family and friends

Feb 20, 2017

Family members and friends were shocked and saddened by the sudden death of well-known property agent Mr Mohamed Gazali Aspar.

The 41-year-old was found unconscious while cycling along Upper Changi Road North on Saturday (Feb 18), and was declared dead at about 12.30pm at Changi General Hospital.

According to doctors, Mr Gazali, who was an associate division director at real estate firm PropNex, died from coronoary heart disease.

Mr Gazali's eldest brother, Mr Meera Sahib Aspar, 55, was in tears when he said that he would miss his younger brother's sociable and cheerful disposition.

He told Berita Harian that he had last seen Mr Gazali on Feb 11, when he visited one of Mr Gazali's children who had been warded in hospital.

He added that Mr Gazali was a responsible man, who would make time for his family regardless of how busy he was.

"Our families would still meet once a week over a meal, and all his nephews and nieces liked Mr Gazali for his sense of humour," Mr Meera Sahib said.

One of Mr Gazali's nephews, Mr Saiful Rizal, paid tribute to his late uncle, and called Mr Gazali "my biggest inspiration".

In a Facebook post, he wrote: "If it weren't for your help on how to game the O-Levels when I was at the lowest point of my life, I wouldn't be where I am today. If you weren't there to show me that a kid from Haig Road can do all these amazing things, I wouldn't been able to do it."

Mr Ismail Gafoor, PropNex Singapore's chief executive, also expressed his condolences and sadness on Facebook, saying that Mr Gazali's death was a huge loss for both the real estate industry as well as the local Malay-Muslim community.

"Gaz, whom I have known more than 15 years, was a great leader, a man with clear directions and always put his family and peoples interest before self. I admired his passion and willingness to help everyone around him and add value in the lives of others," he wrote.

One of Mr Gazali's cycling buddies, Mr NoorHakem Kamil, 38, shared that he had been shocked upon hearing the news.

"On the day, he had just been asking on our shared WhatsApp group whether anyone would like to go cycling with him. He would usually cycle with a few friends, but went out alone yesterday,' Mr NoorHakem said.

Mr Gazali's funeral was held at the Al Istighfar Mosque yesterday. He is survived by his wife and four sons.