Weird things people sell online: Elephant semen and dragon spirits

Submitted by Stomper Maria, Lau Lup

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There are no limits to the curious items you can find online.

Stompers Maria and Lau Lup informed Stomp of two peculiar items they had come across on online marketplace, Carousell.

Maria saw a posting for what is supposed to be elephant semen selling for $15 a bottle.

The product was listed as "Mani Gajah Kristal" which directly translates to crystalised elephant semen.

"It sounds more like a joke then a real ad," said Maria.

In the description, the elephant semen is said to "help smooth the trading business for the wearer" make the wearer more respectable, add to the aura of beauty and "handsomeness" of the wearer and may even be an "addition to the extra of men".

You probably know what that last part means.

However the caveat is that a matter of faith is crucial in these situations and that different people have different problems.

Lau Lup came across "Naga-Raja Spirit -- Earth Lord of Wealth" going for $200 while browsing the app.

"Someone is selling a spirit for $200! The problem is you can't see the spirit but only the vessel which the spirit supposedly resides in!" he exclaimed.

"The seller also claims to sell other genies and fairy items and claims that they have no negative side effects. So surreal!"

Like the elephant semen, the spirit supposedly brings good luck to its owner.

"This scarce occult spirit-item will aid you to attain prosperity, wealth, riches, luck, career advancement and abundance," the description reads.

The spirit is a "very high-class 'dragon' lord and according to the seller, changing in Javanese or Arabic is required to use this item.

However, commanding the spirit is "not too difficult".

Again there is a caveat:

"The power of this item is simply a support, a tool of the Source, your real aid comes from the Almighty."