Watch the 'improved' version of cringeworthy Faves Asia influencer ad

Move over, Faves Asia -- let Singaporean blogger mrbrown show how you could have made your controversial recruitment video ten times funnier but much less offensive.

The online personality, whose real name is Lee Kin Mun, has made a spoof version of the infamous clip that got slammed left and right by netizens as well as other influencers in the industry.

Critics felt that Faves Asia's video portrayed an inaccurate picture of the social media marketing scene, making it appear shallow and materialistic.

Perhaps the agency should have gone to mrbrown for some tips.

In his newly-improved version of Faves Asia's ad, he pokes fun at everything that is wrong with it -- including the cringeworthy acting and dialogue.

If you still remember, the main female lead of the original video and her Maserati-driving beau engaged in a conversation that audiences could hardly make out, thanks to their rushed speech and rambling.

This goof is hilariously reflected in mrbrown's parody too.

"Who doesn't want to be a sosher media influencer amirite?" he wrote in his video caption.

And luckily for mrbrown, netizens have a much more positive reaction to his brilliant work.

One user commented on the video, "After watching both Fave Asia and Huat Ah Sosher... I still prefer to join Huat Ah Sosher..."

Well, we clearly have a winner.