Video of auntie schooling phone scammer shows we all need to brush up our knowledge of S'pore's geography

Submitted by Stomper Darry

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A video recording of a man claiming be an officer from the Police Cantonment Complex in Singapore has been circulating online.

Stomper Darry alerted Stomp to the video, in which a woman received a call from a suspicious number and called back.

The man at the other end of the line told the woman that she had reached  "police headquarters".

The woman then asked the man why the police were looking for her, before asking the man which "police headquarters" he was calling from.

The man calmly told her that he was from the "Cantonment police headquarters", to which the woman replied, "Oh? The Cantonment police headquarters that is situated in Potong Pasir?"

The man told her, "Yes, you are right."

And that was when all hell broke loose.

The woman, now having confirmed that he was a conman, immediately retorted:

"Potong Pasir, your head! The Police Cantonment Complex is at Delta House!”

From this point on, the auntie continued to lash out at the conman, who also fired his shots. 

The woman also said: "You think Singaporeans are easy scam victims?"

Watch the video below.