Van driver slams into wall outside condo after allegedly trying to avoid car at Tampines St 73

Submitted by Stomper Goodlife

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A van driver slammed into the wall outside Pinevale Condominium at Tampines Street 73 at 8am today (May 11).

Stomper Goodlife told Stomp that he was driving along that street when he saw the van crash into the wall.

Said Goodlife:

"The driver of the van was saying that he was driving along Tampines Street 71 towards Poi Ching School and was nearing the T-junction (outside UWCSEA East Campus).

"That was when a vehicle suddenly came out from Tampines Street 73 and turned right towards Avenue 8, right in front of him.

"At that moment he tried to avoid a collision with the car and swerved to the left and ended up hitting the wall of the nearby condominium."