UPDATE: Family of four that tried to sneak into S’pore checkpoint caught trying to flee on getaway bike

Submitted by Stomper Dean, Mike

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The family of four intruders that was spotted earlier today have been caught trying to flee.

Stompers Dean and Mike received another video on WhatsApp, of the monkeys that were seen trying to cross into Singapore via the Johor-Singapore Causeway.

They had earlier been seen walking past a column of motorcycles towards the Singapore checkpoint.

This time, the four monkeys were seen in a motorcycle parking lot at Woodlands.

In the video, one of the monkeys can be seen trying to fit its head into a motorcyclist’s helmet, while the other three clamber across motorcycles to join the first one.

They are then seen fighting over the helmet.

Legend has it that the monkeys are still there, unable to come to an agreement over who should be the one to take charge of the bike and flee.