Unsuspecting driver drives off with body of man who fell on top of garbage truck

An oblivious garbage truck driver continued making rounds, not knowing that a man had jumped to his death on the truck he was driving. 

The incident happened at Block 450G, Tampines Street 42 yesterday (Mar 21) at around 10.40am, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The driver carried on driving, with the body at the top of the truck, and only came to know of the body after a resident shouted at him. 

The resident, who lives in Block 450F told reporters:

“I heard a loud sound coming from downstairs.

“When I looked out of the windows, I discovered that a man had landed on top of a garbage truck parked outside. 

“The man’s head was bleeding profusely.

"There was a lot of blood.

“I immediately went down to investigate.”

When he reached the ground floor, he realised that the garbage truck had moved from its original spot, and was heading towards Block 450G. 

Realising that the driver did not know about the body on top of his vehicle, he ran after the vehicle, shouting at the him from the side of the pavement.

Finally he caught the attention of fhe driver who stopped the truck. 

The driver stopped the truck in the middle of a road, blocking the passage of several vehicles which were passing by and caused a congestion.

It lasted until the police arrived and instructed the driver to return his vehicle to the scene where the victim had jumped, Block 450F.

The resident also told reporters that the driver looked shocked after being informed that there was a body on his vehicle and immediately denied any involvement in the incident.

He later admitted that he did not notice the body at all, which was why he continued with his shift.

His colleague, who alighted from the vehicle at the rubbish disposal centres to collect the waste, was also oblivious of the body and was scared stiff when told about it. 

The road between Block 450G and 450F is estimated to be about 50 metres in length. 

The police are investigating the case as an unnatural death.