Uncle with a death wish rides bicycle against traffic at night on second lane along Queensway

Submitted by Stomper DE

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Stomper DE came across a cyclist riding against traffic on Mar 11 at around 9.30pm along Queensway.

A video recorded by DE first shows the Stomper making a left turn into Queensway from Mei Chin Road. He drove into the third lane of the road to make a U-turn.

Before he made the U-turn, he saw the cyclist nonchalantly riding against traffic flow on the second lane of the road.

The Stomper described the cyclist as an elderly male who was in his 70s.

Said DE about what he saw:

"It's late at night and he doesn't have any indicators or lights at the front of his bike.

"Cycling against the traffic is so dangerous if cars are driving fast and if drivers cannot see him or react quickly."