Uncle on wheelchair continues to put himself in danger by asking motorists for money on Race Course Rd

Submitted by Stomper Vernon

Stomper Vernon is concerned that an elderly man on a wheelchair is continuing to risk his safety by going onto Race Course Road to allegedly ask for money from passing motorists.

Vernon had previously sent in a video of the same man asking money from a taxi driver on Jan 7 outside Farrer Park MRT Station.

According to Vernon, the man has been a common sight in the area for several months now.

"This has been reported by me before but it seems like nothing is being done to prevent this guy from harassing and endangering road users," said Vernon.

In the latest video taken by Vernon, the uncle can be seen wheeling himself into oncoming traffic to appeal to motorists.

Cars and other vehicles have to carefully manoeuvre around the uncle to avoid hitting him.

He is not only endangering his own life, he is endangering those of others too.

Vernon hopes that the authorities will do something about this.

Watch the video below.