Uncle along AMK Avenue 10 probably needs a new ride for all that cardboard

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A Stomper alerted Stomp at an overloaded motorcycle with a sidecar that he saw along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 two days ago (May 5) at around 1pm.

In a photo the Stomper sent, heaps of cardboard can be seen packed onto the rear of the motorcycle as well as its sidecar.

The Stomper said that the load was so heavy that the wheels of the sidecar were tilting inwards.

He elaborated:

"I have been seeing this uncle around the area for about a year.

"It (the vehicle) is always over-loaded with cardboard and from its look, it is no longer road-worthy. 

"Both the rear wheels were already tilted (negative camber) and the motorcycle was emitting smoke as well."