Uber driver books Grab ride, only to allegedly get thrown out during ride because driver mistook Tras St for Tuas

Submitted by Stomper Chang

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A passenger took to Facebook to rant about a Grab driver who allegedly told him and another passenger to ‘get out of the car’ because he had mistakenly read Tras Street as Tuas Street.

Stomper Chang alerted Stomp to the post by the passenger, Lewin Yap, who said that the experience left him frustrated, even though he is also an Uber driver.

Lewin said that the driver, whom he referred to as Mr Selvakumar, arrived only 15 minutes after the booking.

Lewin stated that he did not wish to complain about this as he understood the issues faced by private hire car driver, being one himself.

According to Lewin, the driver ranted about the Global Positioning System (GPS) had guided him to the wrong location, and he told him “it’s ok”.

However, Lewin said that during the ride, Mr Selvakumar parked the car by the side of the road and told him and the other passenger that he can’t go to the stated location as he had mistakenly read Tras Street as Tuas Street.

“You asked us to get out of the car, and that you would cancel the booking,” said Lewin in his post.

“Damn you, Selvakumar. You made me and the other passenger waste almost an hour just to cancel the booking because of your Tras Street and Tuas!"

Stomper Chang says he has sworn off private hire car services as it is not the first a rider has claimed to have been thrown-out midway through the trip.

“I will never take Uber or Grab as firstly, I don’t want to be called a ‘cheapo’ by their drivers for wanting to save a few dollars.

“And I do not wish to be thrown out on the expressway because the driver needs to go other places.

"Thanks to all these Uber and Grab drivers for making me totally lose faith in you guys.

“Good lesson learned.”