Uber charges woman total of $444.88 for rides taken overseas -- but she's been in Singapore the whole time

Submitted by Stomper Benjamin

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Stomper Benjamin's wife was shocked when she noticed multiple charges to her bank account from Uber for rides taken overseas despite her having been in Singapore the whole time.

The charges started coming in from April 5 that were charged in Australian, New Zealand and Hong Kong currency and added up to $444.88.

The couple only noticed the charges on April 7 and immediately contacted Uber to find out what was going on but received no reply.

When they tweeted about it yesterday (Apr 6), they received a reply telling them that the company would get in touch with them shortly but they have not received any updates yet.

Thankfully, they reported the issue to DBS bank.

The bank has cancelled the card that was linked to Benjamin's wife's Uber account and the money will be credited back in 10 days.

"My wife has only used Uber ONCE in her life during a promotion," said Benjamin.

"What is most disturbing is that I cannot delete the credit card number from the app.

"This is very disturbing as I cannot delete the app because of this. I feel like we're being held hostage.

"Isn't this a violation of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?"