Troublemaker gets taken down by police at Changi Airport

A video going viral on Facebook shows a man being taken down by police officers at Changi Airport.

It is unclear when the incident happened, but the clip was shared by Facebook pages Kuanyewism and The Local Society.

The video shows security personnel and police officers a man in a blue T-shirt.

However, the man seems to not follow the instructions the officers were giving him, and continually tries to move away from them despite being told not to do so.

They then try to detain him, and he starts to struggle with them.

However, more police officers show up, and they bring him to the ground before restraining him.

After this, the officers bring the man away.

It is unclear what sparked the incident, or what happened to the man after this.

Stomp has contacted the police for more information on this incident, and will update as soon as we get a response.