Trio of dancers perform as part of funeral procession in S'pore

A clip of a trio of dancers performing in front of a Hindu funeral procession in Singapore has become a talking point among netizens here.

Stompers Edwin and Matthew alerted Stomp to the clip, which was posted on the PublicNews Facebook page.

The clip shows the trio dancing in front of the hearse as it slowly moves along.

The procession appears to be moving through an open carpark area.

Since the clip went viral, many have posted to show their support of the children of the deceased, saying that it shows how filial they in fulfilling the last wishes of the deceased.

The daughter of the man who passed away also said that his children had arranged for the dancing as it was last wish, and thanked those who sent their condolences.

Dancing at a funeral procession, though an uncommon practice in Singapore, is a common sight in countries such as India.